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Does anyone know of a French dentist who offers dental implants/crowns at affordable prices?

Hi Melvyn.. I think the lack of response to your enquiry indicates that dentists offering services at affordable prices may not exist!

I had 2 crowns fitted last year - can't remember exactly how much without digging the Facture out of the drawer, but I think the total price was around 1200 euros.

Get yourself a good Mutuelle.

I have just seen a documentary on new French "low cost" dental surgeries. Apparently just as good as pricy ones, but cheaper. Google it and see what you find in your area?

Thank you Paul - I have been quoted €2000 for one dental implant. I am enquiring from my Mutuelle whether they will pay for this.

Thank you Laurence - I have tried to find that video by googling "French low cost dental surgeries" but without success; do you have a link to it, please?

Melvyn... shop around. €2000 for 1 dental implant is robbery.

Here is a bit of general info I picked up on the internet relating to how it works in France:

In relation to prostheses and orthodontic (teeth or jaw irregularities) treatment the cost of the work generally bears little relation to the level of reimbursement.

Here, dentists are entitled to impose their own charges.

Thus, the current official fee for a ceramic ‘crown’ is around €100 whereas the fee charged by the dentist might well be as much as €1000! And remember you only get 70% of the official rate!

These rates are charged because the official rates for general treatment are considered to be so low by dentists that they see this as the only way they can make some money!

In theory, dentists are only entitled to apply reasonable rates for such treatment, but enforcement is weak. You are entitled to ask for an estimate of the cost of the treatment before it is carried out.

Such is the scale of charges for a 'crown' and other related treatment, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst the French to go abroad for treatment, often to Hungary or Morocco, where prices are three to five times lower than in France.

If you are prepared to live with a metal ‘crown’ the charges are more reasonable, as there is an agreement on fees between the government and the dentists profession.

If these things worry you, by law the dentist is obliged to provide you with detailed estimate of the proposed treatment. Sadly, however, it will not make the price any lower!

Hello Melvyn,

Look for a Centre de Santé Dentaire Mutualiste near you, there are some everywhere.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Marie-Antoinette

Are these places less expensive? What is it about them that you recommend? Thanks

My husband had crown done as well as some implants and they have set price that are lower than

other dentists, my husband and I have been very happy with their service, each office is well set up very clean and they have several dentists in each set up.

The documentary was on France 5 a couple of weeks ago, I think it was called "La France Lo Cost". It may still be available on Replay, if you have that? Check with your Mutuelle if you have one what amount they will cover, or if they have partnership with a surgery. I know that some Mutuelles offer this in some of their contracts, and what that means is that the treatment is cheaper. I have to say, I have had 2 implants in the UK, and each one cost me 2,500 Pounds, and none was covered by the NHS, so you are better off here in that sense.

Thanks again to Paul and Laurence, and thanks also to Marie-Antoinette.

I will investigate all these possibilities - plus I have heard that there are techniques that make it possible to grow a new tooth in the gap; has anyone any info on that as an option?

Dental work can vary a lot in terms of price and quality. If you want cheaper good quality work, the Red Cross dental surgeries are good and so are dental schools. Obviously, both will be found in large towns and dental schools often have long waiting lists....

Thank you Marie-Claire. I will look into that.

Hi, newbie here.

I am interested in this topic as I have to have three crowns replaced.

I wondered if anybody has had their treatment via the options suggested?

Many thanks

The problem I have had is not only the cost but the quality of care. I cannot even find a French dentist who will clean ALL of my teeth. They insist on cleaning just one or two and saying that is "good enough".

I'm amazed by this information! How wonderful to think there might be cheaper ways to have teeth fixed..I am not complaining about my current dentist, I don't think he is expensive, but I have never looked for anyone else, his kit being up to the minute, and every visit, more a brief deep relaxation exercise than a beastly experience. Then..reading the comments here, and googling...I discovered the 'mutualistes' org, proudly pointing out they are a And in my best shopping town too! 460 of them in France?..general medic and teeth care....

It's plastic tooth needs re-sticking... Monday, first thing..must phone...and find out ALL about their services... Thank you so much, for the topic and comments!

That is odd, Martha...I'm sure if I asked my dentist to clean every tooth, he would do so..unless he thought there would be no change in appearance or condition of teeth, by doing so. That's to say..if he thought his refusal was saving his time ..and yours, in not doing work that would have no effect. Have you asked why they refuse? Best of luck with that...I asked my dentist to change a filling from gun metal silvery fang, style look more like a tooth, in white, he thought me a bit naf, I'm sure, as the white filling is less tough...but he did it without a whimper...

That's how much they charge for just one crown in the U.S. I guess 'affordable' is all relative. This is just one reason why we want to move to FR. I'm wondering if I could get regular cleanings, as preventative care is encouraged in the U.S., and I agree with this practice.

No Dentist, anywhere, offers dental services of any type at affordable prices!

What a strange reply. I suppose you want top quality care for nothing.

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