French equivalent of 'Help I Am' checklists?

(Rosemary Benard) #1


We’ve found a house to buy and will be moving sometime in the next two months, just round the corner from our rented house. When we’ve moved in the past in the UK, I’ve found the checklists on ‘’ to be very useful; does anyone know of an equivalent website for France? English or French language ok.

Thanks a lot in advance!

(Rosemary Benard) #2

Hi Catharine -
yes, just looked that one up. It comes in the form of a pack which includes the redirection contract, so you have to sign up and pay before getting any guidance (and it’s more expensive than the normal redirection, too). I think almost all of what they include in the pack can be had free of charge elsewhere, so I’m going to dig a little further!
Thanks alot for the pointer!

(Rosemary Benard) #3

Hi Tracy -
Yes - I found this one yesterday, too! I’ll let you know when I’ve been through it. Thanks a lot.

(Tracy Thurling) #4
Haven’t used it, just found it, let everyone know if it’s any good.

(Catharine Higginson) #5

I think la poste have something …?