French equivalent to Citizens Advice Bureau

Is there one???


There was a (rather short) thread on it a while ago - I think the conclusion was “no”, but help might be available depending on the problem.

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Your home insurance policy may include something useful to you.

What is it called @fabien ?

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Hi @carlmt, actually there is an equivalent or more precisely there are some equivalents as this is not a single entity in France. For financial related issues you can get advise from an “Assistante Sociale” (just type that in Google and they’ll provide you with the number to dial in) for litigations & legal related issues there is the Médiateur Civil, if it’s more serious than that you may be redirected to a Médiateur Pénal or a Conciliateur de Justice but it starts with the Médiateur Civil. For anything else just call the Mairie and they’ll guide you to the appropriate service as this is amongst their attributions… Hope this is helpful?

As @james commented, if you have a private Legal Insurance then you can also call them, the difference is that you’ll get faster answers and potentially a bit more accurate as they’ll be from a lawyer directly but the outcome should be the same (on the advice side I mean).