French estate agents

Hi y'all,

I wonder if any of you can help. Last year I viewed a property, through an immobilier, which I quite liked but didn't pursue.

I've been thinking about that property for a while and recently it jumped out at me through a private web site. Being as I would quite like to see it again am I at liberty to go direct to the vendor or am I honour bound (bearing in mind there is little honour in estate agency....I know, I was one) or committed to go through the agency?

Many thanks

my e mail address is

when I have your OH contact details I will call Chantal and ask her to get in touch.

She speaks English...

She is very much busy trying to get work painting windows of shops

for Halloween!

Yes, but I need your email. My OH's French is perfect so she will be particularly easy to talk to. I'll let you have her details as soon as I have the email.

Brian my friend is a lovely French lady and I would love to see her happy with a sale.

She lost her mother a few months ago and the place is far too big for her and her cats.

Can you e mail me with your OH contact details and I will ask Chantal to get in touch.

Barbara, I asked my OH and she says she might be able to take it in although she considers her portfolio closed at the moment. If so, let me know so that e-mails, phone numbers or whatever is necessary can be exchanged.

Many thanks all....I would have thought there would be a time limit...but who knows?

you can go direct but if you then buy it and the agent immobilier finds out, and provided he/she got you to sign a viewing form, they can claim their fees. Irene - what the agents did with you is standard practice ;-)

A friend of mine wants to sell her house in Bergerac town

It is substantial...a GIRONDINE with an annex which she uses as an astists

atelier and it has a garden.

It will need some money spent on modernising but it is habitable.

This is reflected in the price.

She is looking for an agent, or indeed a private sale.