French films with English subs

Hey guys, I organize cinema events with a selection of the best French films with English subtitles. Beforehand, we meet over a drink in a friendly atmosphere at the bar of the theatre. Some screenings are followed by a Q&A with the film crews! Who would be interested in joining? These happen once a week in Paris, and once a month in Lyon, Nice, Biarritz and Caen :wink:
If you want to enjoy some of the best movies the global film industry has to offer, while meeting new people and becoming even more immersed in French culture, get to a Lost in Frenchlation event soon! You can check out our programme HERE :


Excellent idea

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Nice idea, luckily we have a great ‘art et essai’ cinema in our tiny town so get the new releases pretty quickly. Lyon is an hour away….

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I love this! Great initiative

Great idea. I’d be there if it was in my area.