French films with English subtitles in Paris!

Hey guys! I’m Manon Lost in Frenchlation founder, organizing screenings of French films with English subtitles in Paris with drinks before the film for the international community to meet! :wine_glass: :popcorn:

The concept was born out of the frustration experienced by Lost in Frenchlation’s Co-Founder, Matt, when we couldn’t go to the cinema together due to Matt’s lack of French language skills. There wasn’t a single cinema in Paris regularly screening French films with English subtitles, meaning that the international community – Paris’ many expatriates, international students and tourists – couldn’t access French cinema, one of the country’s greatest arts and an important part of French culture.

These days, thanks to Lost in Frenchlation, the international community can enjoy the same French films that the locals are watching, in the same beautiful and iconic cinemas. We are currently running weekly screenings at cinema Studio 28, Paris’ oldest room located in the heart of Montmartre, the stunning boat-themed cinema Club de l’Étoile located just off the iconic Champs-Elysées and only 2 blocks from the Arc de Triomphe, and Luminor cinema, centrally located in Paris’ lively Marais district near Hôtel de Ville.

If you want to enjoy some of the best movies the global film industry has to offer, while meeting new people and becoming even more immersed in French culture, get to a Lost in Frenchlation event soon! You can check out our programme HERE :

and watch THIS VIDEO to see what to expect:

And don’t forget to like our Facebook page to stay aware of our events! >

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I’m a member of a Film club in my Village.

We often screen lots of foreign language pictures, and especially JL Godard of which we have had 3 in the last quarter: À bout de souffle (obviously), Alphaville, Week-end and Vivre sa vie.

We also get through lots of Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean pictures too.

Our local cinema in our tiny town has brilliant programming and usually shows an art house or foreign language film on Sunday nights. Often same time as national release, and a mix of VO, VF, and VOST. At 4.50€, 5 minutes from front door, and comfy seats with no popcorn eaters what’s not to like?