French firm Airbus reveals new non-stop 20 hour plane

Yes, but how long to recharge its batteries, I wonder… :thinking: :wink:

Impressive, but,
20hrs on a plane, 'orrifying prospect Mandy :expressionless:

Probably depends on how you view long haul. I’d far rather be on a plane for 20 hours than two stints with a stop over. But I’m lucky I turn left for long haul courtesy of client money so its not that bad for me - I wouldn’t do Economy for more than 4 hours now. The plane bit I don’t mind - its the endless standing in line and endless security checks that do my head in.
It probably won’t change much anyway given every carrier now flies via a hub - I do long haul at least twice each year - 22 hours in the plane. The only way this would change much is if Air France or Quantas adopted it - Singapore will still fly via Singapore - Emirates via Dubai - Cathay via Hong Hong etc. The hub system means more frequent flights and in some ways is what brings fares down.