French Flour

I would be grateful for an explanation of the different grades of flour from Type 45 upwards and their different uses. Chris made bread with Type 60 the other day but it was rather solid, he thinks he may not have let it prove for long enough???

You can but I prefer 65. I’ve a friend who uses 45 and swears by the results (she was a chef so…) just watch out and don’t buy “bread flour” - it has too many other things in it. I find the French cake flour (it says Gateaux on the pack) is a little over-filled with raising agents - thing rise too much so prefer to add my own

Thanks Sarah, I need a bigger store cupboard!


Thank-you all so much, that’s really helpful…would you use Type 55 for pasta?..We usually buy 00 flour on line, but in case we run out…

Most type 45 flour doesn't come in a self raising pack, like in the UK. Best to add levure chimique which is baking powder, which is sold in little sachets (colourful packs) next to the flour.

I cheat and buy some when I'm in the UK, but the levure should get those cakes rising.

The French "cake" tens to be made with the all in one recipe, with levure added to the mix - unless it's some fancy type of Genoise sponge.

45 cakes and sable

55 flaky, puff and croissants

65 white bread, pizza crust

70 upwards breads of varying sorts 110 / 120 brown bread

Suzanne:- the lightest cakes with 45 and 55

Hope this helps


Wendy, check this link… Personally, I mix 55 and 65 together to get the “American” style all purpose flour… Bonne Chance!

yes this sounds like a great idea. I still can't get my cakes to rise with baking powder & T65. Should I be using something else?

I use Semi-Complet for Bread which works out well, I've found you need to reduce the water content so you use less than with English bread flour, I also add a bit more yeast. My favourite yeast is Doves Farm from Lakeland (They deliver to France - see They also reckon you can add Vitamin C to give extra lightness. Anyone tried this?

You can't beat home-made bread, I love my baguettes but fresh home-baked is a delight, I also like using the left over for toast in my typically English toaster (which is almost redundant here in France).


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