French for fascia board please

We’re about to put some guttering along the roof of our pool house and there is no board protecting the ends of the rafters. Please could someone give me the French name for the fascia board that goes behind the guttering. I’ve tried looking it up but am not sure I’ve got the right phrase. Thanks

It may depend on the region.
Here, I’ve heard it described as “planche du bord” ; “panneau de bordure du toit”

“Planche de rive”, or just “rive” (when used in the context of roofing.

Thanks guys

Is it what in English is also called a soffit? Or is that something else? And isn’t there a thing called a rabbit? Rabbett

That’s a tool, a type of plane. From the French “rabot”
Normally spelled “rabbet.” Also known as a “rebate plane.”

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Yes but don’t they use the term when making windows, for the joints at the bottom? (Very vague memories of watching artisans doing their stuff years ago).
My all-time favourite woodworking/roofing term is arbalétrier, isn’t that lovely?

The soffit is the horizontal bit that joins the fascia to the wall

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