French furnishing equivalent of John Lewis

I realise this makes me a bit common :woozy_face:

I fancy a reclining chair, now that the cat has decided my lap is almost as acceptable as Mrs P’s, and given he took his shirt off and did a lap of honour at the vets at the news he’d lost 150g and was now “only” 6,5 kilos.

I don’t want something like you’d get at the usual suspects (being careful not to name them) and I don’t see anything I like at IKEA.

So where should I look?

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Hahahahahaha well done that cat :heart_eyes:
The Pig says congratulations



Well, for several generations, the archetypal reclining chair of that rather large swathe of the USA that lies between the East and West coast is the Easy Boy Recliner - here’s a few egs:-

OTOH you could consider a cheap(ish) copy of the very fine classic Eames recliner

Meanwhile, our very sleek cat currently weighs in at just under 6kgs - he’s a large, but lean killing m̶a̶c̶h̶i̶n̶e̶ feline…

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La-Z Boy, we still have our reclining settees that we bought when living in Canada. They’re a bit worse for wear but still so comfy.

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Thanks for the correction - old man, fading memory…

You want a fauteuil relax. Some examples,

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Buying furniture in London is something i used to see French people do :slight_smile:

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Looked at DrMark’s images now.

These come up regularly in charity shops that specialise in furniture, in the UK, best chance would be keeping in touch with any you can find in areas with higher proportion of older people. Good solid ones cost more, but nothing compared to buying a decent one new.

I know this because this is how we sourced one for my other half and then kept in touch with the shops to later upgrade. Motorised ones are particularly nice if solid.

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Is the quality good, would you say ? Not a shop I’d come across before but I like some of those.

I’ve not bought from them, but a friend just has

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John Lewis has -

And lafuma is -

I haven’t sat in one yet but one can tell they probably seem a contender for cats in the sun. :cat:

I have two of these Lafuma (or lafumi?) reclining chairs. Definitely cat compatible, my mother in law’s cat always went on our lap when we were on them :slight_smile:

Extremely comfortable. the mesh might be fragile with a cat’s claws but we didnt see any damage.

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I used to think they were advertising Ladyboy!

I saw a lovely one like those when round at @andyw 's a few weeks back. He’d bought it from their local Depot Vente and it’s gorgeous…

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