French gîte renters demand time change for church bell

(Jane Jones) #21

We are in a mountainous region, so cows all have cowbells…and we are next to farmhouse & milking parlour. So much clanking of bells as they come down to be milked in the evening, then they hang around clanking all night and are milked again first thing. We love them and find it fits the sounds of the landscape.

However we’ve learnt to provide a free slab of cheese to our gîte clients, and an explanation that if they like the taste of mountain cheese, then the cowbells are part of it being made. In five years we’ve only had one negative comment!

(Mandy Davies) #22

I love that Jane. How wonderful. :cow2::cow2:

(Al Rogers) #23

Just checked, Stella, and it seems to have gone into liquidation and closed in 2010. I don’t know if some brave soul has reopened it but I can’t find it listed on any of the usual hotel sites. Shame. It had quite a good bar.

(Dawn bown) #24

Our church bells chime from 7am. And every 15 mins through the day until 10pm. We get a lovely time at 7am 12 noon and 7pm too… i personally love it!

(Elisabeth Morgan) #25

Here is a new one !

(Mandy Davies) #26

Yes I saw that one too!! Some people are very bizarre!

(Elisabeth Morgan) #27

Next time could be the sun is too bright, or the rain is too wet !

(Chris Kite) #28

Someone we know has a gite by a river. Clients complained about the mosquitoes :thinking:

(stella wood) #29

Not surprised they complained… rivers, lakes… all havens for mosquitoes … such places should surely carry a government health warning… :wink::zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Spent a happy camping time in Kielder Forest… except that at 4pm…every evening… the buzzing monsters descended upon us… grrrr.

I was using Jungle Juice (not bad at all) but the kids only had whatever their parents had thought to provide…some had nothing and we were not allowed to “share” stuff… those were difficult, scratchy, painful times … :unamused:

Happily… they still talk about those far-off days with great affection… but we never did go back there… :slightly_smiling_face::neutral_face::relaxed::relaxed:

(Chris Kite) #30

You’re right of course. They really should have mosquito netted the river. I’ll mention it to them😉

(Paul Flinders) #31

Rain is always too wet.

(Jane Jones) #32

@ptf. Right now every time it rains we go out and do happy rain dances…the wetter the better!

(Paul Flinders) #33

Oh, I accept that it is necessary but I don’t have to like being out in it.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #34

Here are some other ridiculous complaints !

(Bill Morgan) #35


(Nellie Moss ) #36

I was once staying in an apartment in Spain near a big hotel. In a bar one night we met another holiday maker staying in this hotel. What’s it like we asked. Well it’s all right but there’s too many Spanish people was the response

(Nellie Moss ) #37

On a similar note , a relatives colleague was making his first trip to France. My relative had waxed lyrical about the bottled beer ( he should know he’s drunk enough of it) When his workmate got home he was very disgruntled. ’ I don’t know what you were talking about ,the beer was disgusting ’ ‘Which one? ’ ’ All of it’. ’ Well what was it called? ’ Panache ’ He’d drunk shandy for a fortnight!

(Mandy Davies) #38

The stupidity on display here is very impressive!

Why is it that when Brits go abroad that they expect everyone to speak English?

(Bill Morgan) #39

But You have to chuckle Mandy :rofl:

(Nellie Moss ) #40

Sometimes it’s nervousness. My cousins French is pretty good and she will plan what she had to say, then when faced with a real French person she panics and looses it. I think a lot of it is because most of the time she is with her OH and /or me and our language is okay so we do the talking but I have only reached the (admittedly low )level I have through being on my own a lot and having to do it