French gîte renters demand time change for church bell

A bit of light relief…

We should ask the maire of Paris to stop the traffic in the morning ! Could be noisy too …


Ghastly people, they should just pull themselves together and get a grip, villages have churches and churches have bells.



Wouldn’t mind getting those noisy birds and cocks to be a bit quieter in the morning as well :grin:



Agree Vero.

They should try coming to my village where the bells chime the time every hour (twice) and chime once every half hour. We also get a jaunty tune at midday and 19H to tell us it’s time to eat.


And what about the owls at night, tapage nocture !


I had to laugh when I read this in the news this morning.

We live directly opposite the Church…and are used to the bells.

A few weeks back, some Dutch friends stayed over… the first morning, I mentioned (anxiously) that I hoped the bells had not disturbed them. They both assured me that all was well… and the husband said he was delighted to be transported back to his childhood… when every day he had been awakened by the chimes of the church bells… :relaxed::grinning:


I’d tell them (to their faces) to get *****d…

more tea vicar ?


We live opposite a church in UK and are very used to the hourly bell 24/7. We simply don’t notice them.

When new neighbours moved in they asked for the bells to be muted at night, this was declined - a few months on the new neighbours agreed that you simply don’t hear them.

I can see that they would be annoying for a gite guest as they wouldn’t get to the point of ignoring them.


They should probably have had some idea, though, that there may be bells when they booked a vicarage for their holiday. I think I may have enquired before I booked to find out about the bells. Imagine if they had booked our local vicarage they would have suffered the bells every half hour day and night.

You’re right though Mat. I once bought a house about 100 metres from a railway line and after a few weeks I just stopped hearing the trains. It’s interesting what your brain can “tune out”.

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That’s very close. Perhaps a little too close for me. Do you still hear them or have they faded into the background?

At 7am… bells chime 7 boings, then 7 boings again… in case you missed the first lot… then all the bells let rip… we call it the Angelus… but it is simply to send everyone out to the fields/or to pray… mid-day is a repetition and so is 7pm… plus every “hour” chiming twice throughout the day…

We are oblivious now… although double-glazing has made a terrific difference …when the windows are shut even visitors rarely notice them…

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I would be a bit ‘miffed’ if I could not have bedroom window open, esp’ in the summer.

Thankfully… I only have “wonderfully bell-mad” friends staying with me… and, as I say, OH and I don’t notice them… open or closed.

I can lie there vaguely thinking… I’ll get out of bed when the Angelus finishes… then awake later to realize that I had nodded off during the Angelus… :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I would normally advise folk to shut the window on the bell-side of the room… (all rooms have windows on both sides of the house) … but I often forget… and, who cares… cows munch noisily… frogs croak…birds sing… life is great :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I imagine we probably get the 7am chorus as well as at midday and 7pm but I’ve never been awake to hear it :grin::sleeping:

Unless things have changed, those gite renters should steer clear of Montrose in Scotland. The steeple bells rang every 15 minutes throughout the night, despite a decades-long campaign to silence them. The owners of the neighbouring hotel reported little repeat business.

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7am…great time to go for a morning jog before it gets too hot

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Our bells used to ring at night…(no problem for us)… but when we moved permanently 2 years after buying… we discovered that in our “absence” some villagers had asked that the chimes stop at 11pm and start at 7am… which was deemed reasonable. Had my opinion been sought, I would have said to leave them alone (and perhaps estranged my self from some neighbours ?? who knows) … all done and dusted… but on occasions if someone starts a mumble now… I swiftly squash it… :wink:

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Is the hotel still in business ?? Nowadays… one can find out everything needed to know… before booking… so those who go there… do so for a reason… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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