French Government Training Grant

Does anyone know anything about Government funds which can be accessed for education/training? Main condition seems to be that you have worked for a year,vbut that includes running your own business. It would be good to get some financial help towards French lessons !

I do not know if it is still the case, but I signed on at the Pôle emploi and received free French lessons to “enable” me to look for work. You go to the same place to look for training courses. My OH used this method to train as an electricien with a little over 400€ a month wages plus travel expenses.

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Lots on the net…

Or this

or these organisations

Did the lessons work well, did your French improve?

@Mat_Davies, more than enough to breeze all interviews to gain my CNF. I must say in addition to my original post that I was never really looking for work, just biding my time before starting up our company.

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My wife had free lessons at the local espace sociale municipale. 2 hours twice a week. The first weren’t very good, but she went to another one nearby and had very good lessons, one-to-one at first, then with a Chinese woman.

One of the things I learnt about lessons was that if the group was all english speakers my progress was poor, switching to a mixed nationality class, where the only common language was french, meant that I learnt much faster.

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