French Healthcare rights if working in UK

Having been resident in France for 15 years and working here since 2005 we're fully integrated in the excellent French healthcare system and have a Complementaire assurance, but with a possible future opportunity to work in the UK and commute whilst the family home (and wife) remains here in France, I'm concerned about how we remain in the French system whilst paying NI contributions etc only in UK.

I'd welcome any advise or guidance from anyone who has been in the same situation please.

To expand a little, my wife does not work so has no personal healthcare rights and we have no other income in France - all is provided on the basis of my cotisations as a "consultant" working under the Portage Salaire system. The company for which I would be working in the UK is a UK company so of course Tax and NI would be taken at source - I wonder if I can become exempt from UK NI contributions and pay a voluntary cotisation to URSSAF to retain healthcare here?

I also have an Armed Forces pension which has kept me in the UK tax system, but I pay no NI contributions as far as I'm aware.

I have trawled the usual websites both FR and EN to no avail - but there must be rules regarding this situation.

Thoughts please ! Thank you in anticipation of assistance.


Very many thank Debra, that's most helpful.

I have no benefits to claim and no young children so that bit is simple. How do I go about getting an S1 ? I presume that because I've already paid in a shedload of cotisations this year in France I will have CPAM cover this year anyway?

I presume that I have to notify the CPAM at some point, but do they just keep us on the same Carte Vitale and change our regime in that case?

Sorry about the extra questions, but it does seem like a real minefield of admin (but then it is France after all!)