French house for sale for a quid


Ha, I was expecting this to be one of those cases where people sell thousands of cheap raffle tickets to win a house rather than trying to sell it the traditional way. Wasn’t expecting it to really be a house for €1.

It’s rural but I might see if the missus fancies it, just for a laugh :smiley:

Until you see what the estimated renovation costs will be. Far cheaper to buy something already done and dusted and we all know how costs keep going up and up currently.

But not nearly such fun. And someone else may have done it in the way I don’t want. I love a project. :grin:

I spent 40 years with “projects”, both our own and for clients. Am renovated out now, glad not to have to do it any longer, life is for other things.


18200 St Amand Montrond, in the centre of France, My home patch.

Julian Allaphillipe was born there, Tour de France stage finish 9 July. Nice town, good boutique shops and restaurants.

1€ is a fair price, probably could have haggled a bit.