French Ice Cream

Since I have been in France I have stopped eating ice cream....since I have tried almost every brand...Bio...etc.

We do make our own in for clients cooking classes etc...but, of course it goes before I get to have any.

French Ice cream to my mind tastes of mock vanilla, massive attack on sugar and really not creamy.

My fav ....from memory is MACKIES from Scotland...

gosh it would be great for them to open a parlour in Bordeaux or St Emilion.


Not so sure that I would go that far to eat ice cream Andrew.

But here it is not.

St Emilion would be a perfect place for great ice cream....and WE do not have it...


Like so many things it depends where you are, there's a brilliant gelateria style ice cream parlour in Pézenas - excellent ice cream mmmmm!