French language courses near maubeuge france 59600

Hello everybody
Bonjour bonjour
I’m visiting Europe from USA for almost a month for three months I’m intrested to find institute or university around my location in maubeuge or Mons Belgium to start french language and culture for future investment.
I really appreciated if any one willing to give me info about enrollment or direct me to right place for french language.
I’m a us citizen visiting and fall in love with culture and a lot of opportunity.
Nice people indeed and nice clean cities.
I do have my government study abroad fund available but I’m willing for now to learn french by my own support.
Sorry for the long topic.

Best regard

Hello France21, welcome to Survive France. I expect someone will be along soon to give you some information. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you remove your email and phone number (keep these for private messages). This is a public forum, anyone can read it and you are just inviting getting spam.

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