French Les Repubilcaines Primaries

So, François Fillon has won the primaries. Perhaps with a welsh wife, there may be softening attitude towards the needs of Les Anglaise likely to be affected by Brexit if he is elected President.

WhatI don’t understand though is the comment on France24 saying that Fillon is looking to change the ‘software’.

Is he going for linux rather than microsoft?

perhaps software means welsh woollen undies…:sunglasses:

I’m confused. Why should Fillon, or anyone else, need to soften his or her attitude towards the needs of the English, when it was the English, and the English alone, who chose to cause this problem? The Brits want to leave and yet, retain all of the benefits that they choose. How truly British. It is never, ever, going to happen and, as a Brit, I cannot blame the French for hardening their hearts against the British Government. Fortunately, they are wonderful to me and my loved ones.


Oh, I agree wholeheartedly Marc. My thread was more tongue in cheek to be honest and a on a wish to find how ‘change the software’ got lost in the translation.

The cause of the problem is undoubtedly firmly on the shoulders of the HMG who are ‘weaponising’ expats. All it needs is HMG to announce that the future of over 3m Europeans currently living in UK is preserved.

They can do that (since they are taking back control) but the EU, quite rightly, cannot negotiate any sort of deal until Art 50 is triggered.

I’m no longer proud of my British heritage and wild horses wouldn’t drag me back to that awful place. We too have a lot to thank the french for.

Graham, I agree with every word that you have written.

So what happens if HMG announces that the UK will preserve the rights of all EU nationals living in the UK and then France declares that all UK nationals in France have no right to be in France? I think that until the EU preserves the rights of us expats within the EU then HMG is right in holding fire. Only my opinion.

Also it wasn’t just the English, and the English alone, that voted to leave the EU but also the Welsh. I will always be proud to be British, regardless of where I live.

I hope that won’t happen and don’t think it would

A not entirely Welsh wife perhaps; born in England to an English mother and educated in England.

It could happen though and 27 EU states all need to agree. Theresa May is right to take a stance. At least she and her government are concerned about the British expats.