French lessons in lourdes

(lil ryan) #1

Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice. i moved to a little village just outside lourdes early this year and i have been busy renovating and really haven't got out and met anyone etc. so i don't know who to ask....i need to get into some work as soon as i can and i need to take some french lessons, anyone know of anything around lourdes that i could join ? do they have lessons for foreigners ? i went down to lourdes for the association weekend and was hoping to join something there but really i couldn't see anything i found even a bit interesting, besides being too old for judo and suchlike ! i don't know anyone in the village and my next door neighbours are pretty grumpy to say the least even though i have tried to be friendly, i had hoped to not only to become friendly with them but at the same time improve my french, but that's a no go....i have basic french but my grammer needs improving in the hope of finding some work. if anyone can help i would appreciate it .....

(Amanda Willocq) #2

Thanks for your reply Steven. Bon courage pour la rénovation!

(Steven Wrigley) #3

Hi Amanda - thanks for your kind offer. I've still not had a chance to investigate as been busy renovating - I'll keep you in mind for when I eventually get round to following up or if I hear of anyone else in need of learning! - Merci beaucoup Steven

(Amanda Willocq) #4

I am native French originally from Tarbes. I lived for 9 years in UK, London, and I am back in the South of France. I have been teaching French to foreigners for the past 8 years (in London). If you are still interested by taking lessons or know people who are, you can give them my email:

I believe French language is not that easy but learning around a cup of coffee or glass or wine might help! I am fluent in English and also speak Spanish. I am based in Tarbes but happy to travel to Lourdes or elsewhere around Tarbes.

(Steven Wrigley) #5

Thanks Marie-Antoinette - I'll try and follow up this week, and Lil will let you know accordingly ; )

(lil ryan) #6

Hi Steven, i tried ringing them last year but got no luck, i dropped it then as i was busy renovating, i would still like some lessons though, if you find anything out please let me know ! welcome to lourdes,i am just 5 mins outside the town. If you hear of any other lessons please let me know. thanks

(Marie-Antoinette Keeran) #7

Hello Steven,

Here is what I found on their site I hope this helps. I didn't see anything with day and time of classes but there was a lot of other informations .

la présidente, France Moreau-Orione, et son équipe sont à votre disposition.

Nos coordonnées :

Permanences, à la Courte Boule 150, rue du régiment de Bigorre Tarbes :

- Accueil - Inscription : mardi et vendredi de 14hà 16 h .

-Permanence de la Présidente :2° et 4° jeudi de chaque mois de 14 h à 16 h30 : ouvert pour le public et à tous les adhérents.

E-mail :

Best of luck.


(Steven Wrigley) #8

Hi All - I've recently moved to Lourdes too and I'm keen to continue learning the language. I wondered if anyone had any updates to the info here over the last 12 months? I'm going to try the number in Tarbes Marie-Antoinette mentions. Any further info greatly appreciated

Thanks Steven

(lil ryan) #9

hopefully yes !

(Marie-Antoinette Keeran) #10

No, I don't know because it was a few years ago .

I hope they contact you soon and you are on your way with French lessons! I am glad you made the move.

Best of luck.


(lil ryan) #11

i have filled out the form online and hopefully they will contact me....thanks for your imfo. I couldn't see anywhere on their site about thursday, but maybe i missed you know how much it is to join them ?

(Marie-Antoinette Keeran) #12

Hello Lil,

You should look for AVF accueil des Villes Françaises, I saw that there is one in Tarbes they have French lessons and fun things to do.

The address in Tarbes is place de la courteboule and the phone number of the contact is 05 62 51 21 03 there is an e-mail address if you feel more comfortable writing in

The next meeting is on November 21 at 14h visit of a garden and on that same day at 20H they have a soirée Beaujolais on November 22nd they have a welcome cocktail at the mairie at 19h.

My husband took French lessons at the AVF in Saintes in Charente-Maritime and we also took a boat ride on the Charente River with the association it was all fun.