French M O T

As soon as we get our lhd headlights,we will need to find a garage for the M O T. We live in Civray and are looking for garage reccomendations.

Thanks Bill

That's what we are here for!!!!!!

Thanks for that, I will look it up.

Thanks,it sounds like a better system.

Sounds like a good plan,I did not know they were done separately,thanks

I'm due for CT next month, so I'll book a service at my regular place and the CT one after the other so that I pass. That's what I was told to do and worked before.

The testing stations are independent from Garages, thus they have no incentive to fail your vehicle.

There's a Control Technique in Savigne. opposite InterMarche. It's about 55 euros. You need to make an appointment.If it fails, you have 40 days to get a garage to fix it, and then take it back, for free. (The CT is only for your test. You need a separate garage)