French medical care and urgences

This morning i was going to bus stop with my four grandchildren to catch the school bus,and unfortunately i tripped up and fell face down in the wet earth, and i could not get up by myself.My ten year old grandaughter ran to a neighbour's house to ask for help, and my little seven year old grand daughter picked up my glasses to clean them, the ambulance was rang for and came within a few minutes it seemed, and everybody was very efficent, kind and cheerful, they asked me which hospital i would like to be sent too, and I choose a small hospital in the town where my daughter lives.It is the first time i have been there.

It was reakky amazing how efficient the staff worked, from the brancardier , nurses, doctor, x ray departement, and of course the firemen who came at the beginning and did lots of tests in the ambulance.

I got away with a fractured tibia, and a problem with the rotule;

i was very glad to get back home , but contented after all the excellent people who take care of US when we have accidents.

I naturally, totally sympathise after 2012! Recover quickly and how lucky you were to have the young ones with you.

Carol, I don't know you, but I feel for you, and I am glad you had a good experience and the grand children had quick reflexes to get the neighbor's help, to clean your glasses, I too wear glasses and when without them I feel lost. I hope you are comfortable and on the mend. Take care.

Get well soon Carol, hope you are not in too much pain.

oh Carol, I do hope you feel better soon, how fortunate though you had such brave grandchildren around you to help get you sorted. Drink Tea & get better xx

Sounds nasty - good luck with the healing. What lovely grand daughters you have

What a shock, I hope you get well soon.

What a horrible shock to the system Carol and I hope you're all healed up soon. I must say I'm very impressed with your young granddaughters for taking charge and helping you. Sending you a virtual hug. V x

Aïe! Poor you, heal up quickly.

Ooh Carol - sorry to hear that. Get better soon xx