French mobile problems

I bought a FREE sim card for my Samsung J3, I made sure i got the right one, MICRO, It doesn’t fit? Aren’t these a standard size?

There are three sizes of SIM cards and one issued currently should have all three pre-cut. You need to break out the two smaller sizes, micro and nano, to use the one that fits your device.

SIM card sizes

The J3 requires a nano SIM, not a micro.

According to GSMarena the J3 should be micro sim except for the US market which is nano.

Generally I think the “pre cut” SIM sizes only cover down to micro, nano ls literally the size of the block of contacts and might need to be ordered separately.

The original SIM was credit card sized, which is why they still come on a credit card sized carrier.

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I thought there would be 3 as well, but sadly there were only 2 and not a nano. My mistake I think i must have pressed micro/ mini rather than nano. Oh well lesson learned. No one died.

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I think I mistakenly asked for a mini. My own stupid fault for ordering while I was standing in a queue.

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Cut it to fit, it is not difficult. How to do vids fill the internet.

I did see that, but not only is the micro wider and longer its also thicker. At €10 for a replacement and the fact I’m likely to lose my fingers trying to make it smaller, i think ill just put it down to experience. I did check a website before i ordered which did say Micro, should have checked the manual. S