French Mortgages, Brokers and Lenders

Hello all. Curious if anyone has recommendations for mortgage brokers or lenders in France? Or some good resources to check out.

We might pull the trigger on a place and my only experience with mortgages is from Canada where the rates and terms can vary incredibly between banks and brokers.

Thanks in advance for any help, tips, warnings.


Dear All,

I highly recommend The Spectrum IFA Group - independent and English speaking.

Fantastic service - they will obtain the best mortgage from a wide range of international lenders.

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Hi Dan

Best people to talk to are International Private Finance

John Richardson (

Based in the UK but know the French market very well.or

Tahminae Madani <> based in Paris they are excellent as well. Good luck Pippa

The broker we used was Gary Lovelock at . He lives in the South of France but we did all our dealings from our home in the U.S. We went through 3 banks before we were successful as the French banks do not like to deal with Americans. He was with us through the entire process. I never had to talk to any of the banks or insurance people, etc. He did all the communications as I do not speak any usable French. When I did not receive an item, he would call the appropriate person immediately. He was always responsive to my emails immediately. He was pleasant and patient in answering all my "stupid" questions. After first dealing with a British firm who were inept except for asking for more money everytime I asked a question, Gary was a breath of fresh air. Gary was paid by the banks, not by me. We would not have survived the French Real Estate process without his help. I give him 5 stars out of 5!!!!

Does he take remortgages. Currently with a bank payi

ng silly rates of 6-7 years ago

One bit of advice we got from an advisor. You don't have to take the bank's own insurance but when you take the mortgage, you usually get a better rate if you do use their insurance. Take it and then a year or so later, shop around for a better insurance rate.

When we moved here we were put on to our mortgage people by the immobilier, turns out we actually got a really good rate through the International buyers dept of BNP Paribas based in Montpelier, and they speak English.

Good luck.

I ended up working with David Fairhurst at JDS Financial. Very good experience. You can reach him at


Hi could you contact me if you have had any good recommends on broker france or any good advice? thx

We got our mortage through Gary Lovelock at . He is located in the south of France and is originally from somewhere in the British Isles, so he speaks English. He went through 3 banks before we finally found one that would loan to Americans. He communicates directly to the lenders and does all the leg work for you. He always responds immediately to your emails. We would not have been successful in our efforts without him. And our home is up in the Loire Valley.

Hi, It looks to me as though you are getting plenty of pointers from other SFN members - Sorry to have picked this up a bit late...We run websites for Brittany & Normandy property (but I'm not allowed to promote our own business on here)... But...

..The person we always recommend is Johnothan Woodcock As his name suggests he is an English chap who has lived and worked in finance in France for long enough to know the French Mortgage Market like the back of his hand • He'll reassure you about all the options open to you in your French Project Speak to Jonathan on...
Tel: 00 33 23184 0312 OR 00 33 23184 1414
Mobile 00 33 688 258 112 ...or click below to drop him an e-mail to outline your situation...

Hi - I highly recommend George at - he was recommended to me by another SFN Member and George pulled out all the stops to arrange our mortgage last year. We had UK Limited Company income and a small French income. George sorted it all out for us. He speaks directly with the mortgage company's underwriting team to explain your personal situation and so is much more likely to get a good result if you have a 'non standard French Salarie' pay arrangement. The French banks hated Auto-Entrepreneur by the way for anyone who is this status!

We also spoke with David at who was helpful too.

And a third company who were really helpful were Cafpi.

There is another older thread all about this somewhere on SFN - search for Mortgages and you should find it.

Good Luck!


We are in the process of completing a purchase in France. Sign the acte de vente on Monday 8 August. We used a really good broker in the UK who was quite inexpensive considering the French paperwork requirements. Drop me a P.M. if you want some details.


Thanks for the replies and recommendations everyone. Will follow up shortly. Cheers.

Try Celine Monier at "Make it Easy Consulting"

Hi, My husband is a mortgage broker, works in both French and English mortgage market. message me if you need some info.

We used MeilleurTaux when we got a mortgage in 2006 and they seemed to do a good job. We avoided paying the arrangement fee of about 1500€ that the banks were wanting to charge us, so it all seemed just fine and dandy.

Hi I have some good recommends if you want to contact me - send me a message