French national worried about not being able to enter France

Hi there

I arrived in France from New Zealand last year on a visa de long-sejour. After I arrived I have since obtained my Certificat de nationalité française and my Carte d’identite is currently being processed. In that time my original visa has also expired.

I am travelling to the US this month, and am worried that upon re-entering France I won’t be allowed back into the country because of my expired visa? I was thinking of taking my Certificat de nationalité française and the receipt for my Carte d’identite with me as proof of my right to remain in France.

Would love you hear your insight and thoughts!


The receipt for your carte d’identité should be enough, and you can also print out your état civile as extra proof.

I personally wouldn’t travel with my certificate as this is an unique document. Take a copy by all means but leave it somewhere safe!

I appreciate your response, thanks!