French Nationality by marriage, and the interview at the prefecture, any advice welcome!

Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone has already applied/obtained their french nationality by marriage and their experiences as well as anyone who has experience with the interview at the prefecture concerning knowledge of France and french life etc

I haven’t (we’re pacsed not married) but it isn’t much different to a normal naturalisation, 4 years marriage rather than 5 years residency in France, used to be automatic but that created too many mariages blancs! see here for more info, let us know how it goes :wink:

Hello Andrew, I’ve nearly got all the papers necessary for the “dossier” to send to the prefecture- just waiting for my french test certificate. I’m just concerned mainly about the actual interview at the prefecture where they evaluate your reasons for wanting to become a french national and your knowledge of French culture and history etc. I do wonder if now with the “brexit” thing, they could be more “difficult” towards brits, wouldn’t blame them, so want to be well prepared and have all my answers in place.I’m sure it will be fine, just being a bit paranoid with some of the stories I’ve heard of problems some people have had at the secu etc

I’m sure you’ll be fine, I think it’s also just to check that the marriage is real - there were so many “mariage blanc” when nationality was automatic through marriage. Bonne chance :wink:

I’m sure that in the light of Brexit there will be a greater emphasis on checking that applicants genuinely want to become French nationals and aren’t just going through the process for the convenience of staying in France. A lot of British applicants will may see it as a necessary irritation whereas the French will see it as being a a lot more profound than that.

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I’m sure you’re right David, and that’s how it should be, I’ve been thinking about my reply to the question “why do I want to (not have to) become French”,. For me, there is no question about going back to the UK, I have to stay, my family is French and my life is here and has been for the past 18 years- Complicated feelings about everything at the moment… I got the forms and info years ago to get the nationality (when my daughter was born) but for one reason or another kept putting it to one side. I do feel ready now to call myself french or at least “franco-britannique”, with a little bit of australian thrown in (10 years when I was little) !!!

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