French Nationality for Dummies

But there is no mention of being agréé, I thought this was a requirement?

That’s what “assermentés“ means!!

This is another (more complex) route to find one which will get to exactly the same people, but uses word agrée as well as assermenté

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I see, thanks for your help. One of my documents is already translated from English to French by a translator in America who was a certified ATA translator, it is also notarized. Do you know if this is recognized by the French government or would I have to get it translated again by one of the translators you linked to?

I would check with the French Consulate in whichever State in the US the translator harks from, and she if he or she is recognised by them.

If so, then no problem. If not then is the risk worth the saved 30€ on translations?

I see, thanks for your help. I will ask the consulate if this translator is accepted and if not I will get a new translation.

Don’t forget all documents must be recent, normally less than 3 months :thinking::wink:

I’ve had a carte de séjour for a donkey’s age - no problemo. And since I worked in France I have Health Insurance as well.

France once had the highest rating for Healthcare (1995) but since it has gone down to 10th (whilst the US is 11th).

If interested, the ratings are here. Note that France outrates both the UK and the US somewhat but all three are about the same in the ranking.