French Nursery Rhymes


Can anyone recommend a book/CD with French nursery rhymes? The only one I know is Freres Jacques which my little one knows off by heart. I’d like her to be familiar with others before she goes to maternelle next year.



I know this is rather late, but I've only just read your poast.

There is a brilliant association in Paris called "Enfance et Musique". They sell CD's, books etc. My kids loved them. There are lots of titles, but 75 chansons, comptines et jeux de doigts & A tire d'aile had a lot of the classics on. We still have them, and the oldest is now 17, but I'm not allowed to get rid of them!

This is their website:

At the maternelle they will probably do a lot of the counting games etc. The maternelle is the BEST part of the French education system!


A belated reply but better late than never!!
My sister bought my son a nice set 10 years ago when I was still in England. It was a book with a tape called “Les comptines vertes des petits lascars” by Didier Jeunesse. I don’t know if it exists with a CD these days… It’s a great set because you have the lyrics and history of the songs in the book and the songs were recorded in a school, so you hear children and their teachers rather than some high pitched woman’s voice!
Use to search for “comptines” and you’ll find lots of websites to practice :slight_smile:

I would go to the nearest Bibliothèque (Library) and join they have lots of books with songs for kids that’s what I use for my son aged 6.
I am French.