French only language

As so many of us struggle why dont we have a French language only area? I think there are loads on here who could help? No mistakes are a problem. Why not try? It would surely help us all?

I think that there have been efforts but which have not caught on

There’s always En Français - Survive France

I think this is already partially covered, but I’d be worried about part of this site becoming semi-exclusionary

Also, I can and do read French every day and watch French films, albeit with sous titres, but like many retired Brits whilst I can read and write French reasonably welI, I don’t hear demotic French every day in a workplace. Consequently my principal weakness is easily comprehending complex spoken French, which I don’t think is something that can be easily addressed on SF despite its innumerable other merits (creep, creep!)


Ah well never mind then. Just thought it woukd help people