French paint

Like a lot of folk, I guess, we have struggled to find a good quality French paint, at a competitive price, compared to UK paint.

I have brought many a tin from B&Q over in the car. Then it came to finding a paint for the shutters and front door, as the door was looking decidedly shabby and not very chic!!

After a long hard look for the right paint and colour of blue, in the process getting a fright at the price of a Tollens quote, we found a product called 3V3, microporous, extreme condition outdoor paint, in Bleu Provence, in Tridome. Not a bad price, especially as there was an offer of 15 Euros off a 2.5l tin.

First coat went on like a dream and being fussy, have decided to do a second coat - on the first dry day!!! Bit damp these next 3 days!!!

Happy days.