French pension advice

Does anyone know how many years you have to pay into the french tax system to qualify for a french pension and what amount of cotisations one has to be paying monthly? This is for auto entrepreneur status.

Like most things there are various factors involved. It’s best to ask your retirement caisse for the figures.

But to get an idea,
gives all the info. Have a look at the table that sets out how much you need to earn per year to validate 1, 2, 3 or 4 trimestres for that year (it depends on your activity).

I think that basically, however many trimestres you have validated, the appropriate amount will be added to your UK pension entitlement. But I’m not sure of the details.

It would be impossible to have validated enough trimestres under auto entrepreneur to qualify for a “full” French state pension, the scheme hasn’t been going long enough - it only started in 2009/2010/thereabouts. But if you’ve been earning sufficient to validate 4 trimestres a year over a number of years, you will get a bit.

The number of trimestres you need to validate to claim a “full” French pension (which as I understand it is either a minimum flat rate or is calculated based on your earnings, ie around 50% of your average annual salary, whichever works out higher) is between 161 and 172 trimestres, on a sliding scale depending on your year of birth.

long way off retirement just enquiring as to the future-aged 46 now

Your caisse would probably give you a printout of your entitlements to date, if you ask. They’re supposed to sent you one automatically when you reach a certain age although I never got one from CIPAV, I had to ask.

It’s easy enough to work out from your turnover how many trimestres you have validated altogether, but how they then calculate your pension entitlement from that, is not at all easy to fathom.

But presumably you also have pension entitlement from the UK so when the time comes that will be taken into account too, I think it’s been agreed that pensions won’t be affected post Brexit.

After my first full year here I was sent a statement of my French pension entitlement based on what I had paid in. 39€ per annum!!! I had fancied a world cruise but it looks like it might be a pedalo at Narbonne Plage!

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