French Pension now back in UK

I worked for 8 years in France in the early 2000’s. Now back in the Uk I am processing my various French pensions: Salarié (L’Assurance retraite), Salarié du secteur privé (ARRCO) & Salarié cadre du secteur privé (AGIRC).
Is there any reason why they may withhold my pensions until I am eligible for my UK state pension in 2022 as this is what I have been told. Although I am not sure if this is just for the L’Assurance retraite or for the ARRCO & AGIRC pensions.
Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks!

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Graeme - since you admit to being unclear which French Pension might be withheld … perhaps that is something you should get clarified by the various organisations concerned.

Other than that… it does seem reasonable that at least the Retirement Pension (France) should link with UK…

However, I am only guessing.

You do some checking and, meanwhile, someone may well chime in with more info.


Hi Graeme, my situation is remarkably close to yours. I worked in France for 8 years and now receive a composite pension of 1. State 2. ARRCO 3. AGIRC even though my UK state is not yet due.

The reason for my French pension is that I took early retirement - made possible by President Holland for long service.

In your case, you will probably have to wait until the official French pension age (you should start applying early). In my experience the French will check with the UK pensions to see if you have worked sufficient years.

My French state pension arrived late and a year’s back pay was received.

So you may receive a French pension whether or not you have UK pension age but the rules are complicated.

Hi Graeme. You can claim your french pension (all of them) as of french legal retirement age. An excellent explanation of the calculation can be seen here
Once you reach legal pension age in the UK (which is later), you can claim your state pension and at that point, the french calculation of the “retraite communautaire” is updated to reflect any additional trimestres acquired between taking your french pension and the start of your Uk pension. I believe that you get to keep the higher of what you were receiving or the new calculation. Hope this helps

Bear in mind though that the ‘cumulative’ pension contributions bit may go out of the window after Brexit.

Absolutely. Right now, in the event of a no deal Brexit, only contributions up to April 1, 2020 will count. After that, it will depend on what is negotiated between France/UK. In the event of a deal, I believe the current system will continue.