French person looking to meet English speakers in Limoges


I really enjoy speaking english but I don’t know anyone to practice in real life.

I work in Limoges.

I’m looking for a native english speaker who is learning french or wants to improve his french, so that we could have conversations in french and in english once a week.

Regards !


Nice offer, hope you find someone!

Hello Guillaume, this is not a firm offer but just an idea which you may or may not think a good one.

I live about 80 kms from Limoges in the Dordogne and there is an Aire approximately half way between the 2 places at Pageas. There is, I think, a restaurant there but it might only be suitable to meet out of meal times, possibly 15H, because I don’t eat a full meal midday and they wouldn’t welcome somebody like me earlier.

Failing that, in this fine weather there maybe tables there where someone could share a baguette, cheese or a snack of sausage along with a bottle of wine (for just a glass or so :wink:) or a flask of coffee to have a chat, Not sure if the restaurant is open outside of mealtimes but, if it is, there would be no problem taking our limited custom inside if too cold.

I am 30 years older than you so you might think we do not have enough interest in common to make it worthwhile, but I would be interested in hearing what you think. There may of course be others who are within driving distance who might be interested.

Anyway, have a look if you have Google maps N 45.67763, E 1.00230.

Thanks a lot David. The main problem is that I don’t have enough time, because of my family life and because of my job. So I could just find a few hours a week for such exercices, and so it could only take place in Limoges.

But if someone installed in Limoges reads me much later, I’ll still be here.

I would add in case german people may be member of the site that I’m also interested by german conversations, even though I need huge progress in this language.

That’s OK Guillaume, I put it up as a possible idea which others may take up, and when I wrote it I wasn’t all that sure that I would have the time either. :grinning:

Have you looked at the SF “users map”?

Guillaume, you could also try

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I am trying to learn French using Duolingo. I manage about four lessons a day and I am about to start on level four so not a very high standard! My worst nightmare is trying to speak French on the phone. I prepare all my sentences very carefully but of course the conversation never goes as planned. . So what I need most of all is conversational practice over the phone on practical matters like making an appointment at the hospital or ordering some domestic oil. But maybe this not the conversational practice you are looking for ?

This may be of help or just of interest, I haven’t seen inside it though.

For people learning French.

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There is nothing like the pleasure to talk english with a real person.

Besides, people from the UK community who established in France are all so nice and charming. Really.

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When I say real, I mean who stands in front of you, not through an internet line.


Are you still looking for English conversation? I need to start learning French!

I hear you, @geoffrey_Croshaw my DuoLingo skills go right out the proverbial window in real conversations! LOL where are you located?

Yes, I’m still looking for someone.

That would be great, and indeed I can help you learning french and you can help me enjoying speaking english and getting better at it.

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