French Post…. Or not

I have just been informed by ICAD that that a licence sent by them has bee returned ‘not living at this address’ O had noticed that we haven’t had any post fir some time. How do I sort this out we have been here 8 years and have never had any problems.

Had a similar problem. Just took a phone call to them to sort it out.They correct house number and street but wrong village despite the correct one being on the application. Think the problem is with the autofill. I am sure you have seen that when you enter your postcode it lists all towns and villages sharing that code.

Go to your post office and ask that they check their records??

post office or sorting office?

Start with the post office where your post person hangs out…

Who did you phone

Hope this helps - par téléphone au 34.00 (prix d’un appel local) ou au depuis l’Outre-mer et l’étranger (numéro non surtaxé),tous les jours de 7h45 à 19h et le samedi de 8h à 17h. Afin d’être mis en relation directe avec un téléconseiller lorsque votre demande concerne le permis de conduire, vous serez invité à saisir, lorsque lorsque le message vous le demande, le chemin suivant :,

He’s from the sorting office so will try there the Post Office said they couldn’t understand why this was happening

Our lovely post lady is based in the sorting office too so that seems a goodplace to try! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

All sorted the helpful woman showed the online registration. If you are on the register you get post! Though it’s not compulsory. Who knew? Actually the online system is rather good you can print off stamps for letters and parcels

We use it a lot, as you can then just leave things for the post-person to pick up. No need to take parcels to post office! And for preparing suivi and so on.

Exactly it’s a brilliant service…