French retirement info - URGENT

Hello everyone
I’ve been trying to find out who and how to contact for info on my particular rights to a French pension having lived and worked here for 7+ years. I’m leavinng France in less than two weeks. My French boyfriend has no idea who exactly to ask on my behalf as he feels there may be several agencies involved. I have been a salaried employee all that time plus a little AE this year. Boyfriend has tried to phone but no-one answers the phone. We don’t know of a website that would aswer all my needs. I need to know:

  1. Exactly what date I can apply for it (I think when I’m 67)
  2. How much will I get? (I think my cotisations are probably tp few for anythig other than ASPA)
  3. My research suggests you can only get ASPA if you are resident in France (I probably won’t be)
  4. What docs are required to apply for it?
  5. I need a document showing all this for the NZ government for when time comes for me to have NZ retirement as NZ will take anything I am owed in France in order to give the smallest possible retirement in NZ. It’s a different, universal system.

Can someone please give me phone numbers, addresses, emails etc to get me started as I feel my case is complicated and it will be nigh on impossible to do all this from NZ. Info is urgent. deally I’d like an appointment with the right authority before I leave. I’d REALLY appreciate a hand up as my French boyfriend hasn’t a clue and he’s retired but had a special fund thingee as a dentist.

Hello Frances
It’s a complicated system that’s for sure, even for the French. My French partner has had to send documents several times to several agencies who still say they need more information!
I have come across this site, maybe you have already seen it …
I wish you luck in your research and the very best for your life in New Zealand.

this might help

My thanks to Ann and Florien. That has at least given me a starting page or two and a phone number to follow up. I’m going to need a dossier personnalise with all my questions answered. Maybe it helps I’ve got French nationality but it’s not helpful that I won’t be resident in France. I know the retirement is normally portable if you have the usual cotisations but in my case I certainly don’t. Never mind, I just have to keep France and NZ authorities happy - no small task at a distance.

Are there any kiwis in the group in my situation or who have taken retirement in France?

Hi, I found the site www.inforetraite extremely helpfully. I found all mine and my husband’s career history and there’s loads of information as well.

I was an auto entrepreneur for just over 2 years ans did not expect a french pension - i was in receipt of a uk state pension - however the pensions service wrote and informed me that I was eligible and I am wondering if that’s what will happen when your time comes - only thing that puzzled me about mine was it took them 2 - 3 years to contact me after I had finished work - I I found that a bit odd. I was well past pension age even when I started.

if you just worked for 2 years as AE it must be a teeny weeny pension as we have 9 years AE of paying and the pension will be still tiny…but something!