French State help for Auto/Micro-Entrepreneur - CoronaVirus


Has anybody any information about help for this status?

Yes there have been annoucements.
Not sure if you have to be a member to read it in full, but no doubt google will be your friend, the info is all out there.
Bon courage

Actually all the info is on the URSSAF site. I will post some links tomorrow.

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They say if your receipts are less than 70% of March 2019 then you can claim.
Typical as last March I was in the Uk looking after my mother for most of the time.

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Yep and me

There is a turnover limit as well, I got some stuff from my accountant about it yesterday.

Turnover less than 1Mi EUR
Net taxable profit less than 60K EUR

Resulting from obligatory administrative closure
Loss of 70% turnover in March 2020 compared to March 2019

Amount paid : up to 1500 EUR by DGFIP
For businesses in particular difficulty, up to 2000 EUR from the Regional Council

For DGFIP assistance : sign up date from April 1st, 2020
For Regional Council assistance : sign up date from 15th April, 2020

A little extra info to complete what has already been said:
You can claim the exceptional financial aid between 1st April and 31st May via your professional account on
The amount paid to you depends on when your business was created and how often you declare your turnover (monthly or quarterly).
You can claim the financial aid if you meet the turnover and taxable profit criteria and as long as you have not been paid more than 800€ in daily allowance (sickness, maternity/paternity leave, etc…) for the month of March.
If it turns out you don’t qualify for the exceptional financial aid, you can submit a claim to URSSAF or CIPAV.
Nobody actually knows when the government will actually pay out but they have promised it will be “soon”.
If anyone needs any help in the process, pm me.


Sorry I didn’t reply earlier to thank you - trying to survive has got in the way. :frowning:

I have just learnt from someone in my region
a…max 1500 per month and b she has received 2 payments