French TAx Forms


I am an autoentrepenuer since 2010, I make declarations online, pay social charges and tax. Do I still need to fill in a French Tax Form, I have no pensions, shares or savings. If I do need to fill one in where should I get one from. I have never had one?


ok the Attestation Fiscale 2010 which we received from URSSAF states we need to put our total revenue into boxes 5HQ, 5IQ, 5JQ (Cadre D) on the 2042C. Hope this helps just in case you didn’t get your URSSAF attestation


I know you’re meant to declare all this but when in Rome… not even the politicians declare their bank accounts outside france.

Speak to some french friends about what they do and what’s “normal”…!

At the least you need 2042 & 2042c. If you have any bank accounts outside France then you must declare these (even if empty) using 3916 or a piece of paper giving account details.

Do you speak French? If so, you could print off from online then attempt to fill it in, then go to your tax office for them to check it.

From what I understand 2 pages are easy on the Declaration des Revenues 2042 Page 1 - your personal details, addresses, changes of addresses, exemption from TV licence (only x if you have no tv), signature Page 2 you personal situation (married, single etc) other situations which give you extra parts for calculating your tax (e.g. children, age, single parents, other dependents etc). It’s pages 3 & 4 that are more complicated relating to income, capital gains, income from property etc & then deductible charges/allowances/credits against tax (e.g. green energy, cheque emploi). I need to translate these sections to make sure I don’t miss anything. I’m also considering using an accountant but I’ll happily share any useful generic info.

I haven’t looked at 2042c (complementaire for AutoEntrepreneur yet).

Hi Simon

nothing to fill in on the standard tax return, just the auto entrepreneur part to fill in on 2042C - leave all the rest blank or cross it through. I enclosed my attestation from the URSSAF as proof to back up the figure I put in for my activity and also because it shows all the relevant info if you make a mistake!

Easiest of all is to go to your local tax office and go through it with them - they’re usually very helpful.

it is a minefield
I am an auto-entrepenuer, have no funds or shares or property in UK
what forms do I need?

or you can go to;jsessionid=IXJT32THXZSDFQFIEIQCFFA?pageId=rch_formu&sfid=05&action=criteriaImprime&_DARGS=/portal/html/recherche/sharedPage.jsp.1_A&_DAV=

search froms (recherche formulaires) enter the number i.e 2042 for year 2011. Note 3916 is’t on there for 2011 so I’m using 2010’s. Monsieur impots said I could do that or just attach a list of accounts on a piece of paper.

There are additional forms for other income like rental income or income from overseas e.g 2042k


this one works but they haven’t updated it since last year - I just crossed out 2009 and wrote in 2010. forms handed in yesterday… no phone call yet about the date!

have fun!

…and here’s the correct link that I should have used with this year’s date!

hello where do you download the forms from
can you send me a link

ok I spoke to Monsieur Impots today and because its our first year we have to do a paper application. Vierge (virgin application as he called it). I’ve downloaded the forms he suggested: 2042 (the one everyone completes) 2042c (completementaire which is needed for Auto-Entrepreneur) and 3916 (for declaring overseas bank accounts). I read on one forum there’s a 750euro fine for each overseas account you fail to declare.

Better make sure we don’t forget one (like an old uni account or something)

I’ve got a few things I’m not clear on…why did my Mutuelle send us an attestation des cotisations maladie complementaire? Can we somehow claim this back?

I know where to fill in the attestation totals for our family helper ‘7DB’.

Finally I’m not sure what the deal is about our UK savings (ISA’s). They are in accumulation funds so there is no interest involved neither paid or reinvested so I think we don’t have to do anything with them. Anyone else had this problem?

The thing I would like to know more about is whether there are any Credits we’re entitled to & what you do about them. Is anyone applying for any Green Energy type Credits this year?

found it - the urssaf should have sent you an attestation of what you earnt last year as an auto entrepreneur (got mine a few weeks ago) - gives you the exact figure to declare on the 2042C.

I received mine last week and have downloaded the 2042C but don’t seem to have received anything from the RSI. I’m just going to fill in what I earnt and declared last year in the relevant boxes and send it in. I’ve been an auto entrepreneur since 2009 but can’t remember what I did last year… haven’t had time to check my files yet. As others have said - just go along to your local tax office and ask, they’re usually very helpful but you may have to wait for ages as everyone seems to panic and go and see them - the last time I went to see them about a problem a few years ago, it seemed that the entire retired population thinks it normal to go and get the tax people fill it in for them - try convincing them that it’s quicker via internet - answer “c’est quoi l’internet ?”…!!!

if you apply online then I think you get extra weeks to complete it. We’re in the same situation, first tax year in France. I understand you also have to declare overseas accounts on an extra form which can be found online. I’m going to be looking into this more in the coming weeks (once I’ve collected all our ‘attestations’ from health insurance, family helper etc which were sent to us at the beginning of 2011.

I think it would be great for us to share our experiences of filling out the tax forms especially if you have a bit translated & it would be helpful to others.

Lets add to this discussion…

If you have never filled out a Tax form you have to go to the Hotel des Impots and collect one, after the first one is completed you will receive one automatically. Anyone who is resident in France should fill in a tax form every year even if they do not earn anything, you must complete a ‘zero’ return.
The tax form is so important in France and is proof of residency here, you may be eligible for tax credits even if you don’t pay tax.
The French definition of residency is very simple, if you have a home (not holiday home) here, you must complete a tax form declaring where your money comes from. So all you commuters, whose family live here while you trot back and forth running up the airmiles, you declare in France as well as the UK. There is a separate section to complete for earnings that come from abroad and have already been taxed, so you don’t pay tax.
There are friendly (and unfriendly) advisors at the Hotel des Impots that will help you fill it is, just take all your paperwork in and they will tell you which boses to put it in. I go get mine checked every year as I have so many different bits to complete but I don’t see the point of paying an accountant when the govt does it for free.
By the way, tax rates in France are generally lower than in the UK, especially if you have a non working spouse and a family, as you use their allowance as well.

I am in the same position. I think we do - you should have been sent a ‘statement’ from RSI saying how much you’d earned. You fill this in on the sections metnioned on your 2042c, I believe. I’m yet to receive my 2042C so can’t be more help! :0)