French Telly

(Teresa Ewart) #1

Finally got our TV super-sorted - all singing and dancing UK stuff, and now French too... i'd like to say it was all our own doing but in the end we required 70 euro's worth of help from the brilliant local satellite man...

So, the french TV is here to help with our language skills - watching news and sport is brilliant - and local weather and our local channel - but what else?

i'm not looking for amazing drama or thought provoking documentaries - i'm thinking more along the lines of 'come dine with me' and 'amazing railway journeys' - something simple with an easy narrative we can follow...

what do you watch? all thoughts (of a none-game-show type) welcome!

(Teresa Ewart) #2

doreen you can do this - you can get a dual head receiver - one points to the french, one to the uk. we have this and get both feeds - but (as far as i'm, aware) you do need a bigger sized dish.

you can buy the parts (the dish and the dual head thingy) yourself - and get someone to fit it - they'll need the specialist tuning equipment. we bought an inexpensive tuner and tried ourselves, but as we live in provence at the very edge of the reach of the uk beam we found getting a perfect uk feed tricky and called an expert...

i'm sure if you ask on the main page you'll get hundreds of helpful replies from the 'tech boys' !

x teresa

(Teresa Ewart) #3

brilliant Casper - thanks for the tip - sounds like just the thing i'm looking for

(Casper Jaarsma) #4

The price at the end is actually a honeymoon, not their wedding repaid. And if you stick around after this program there's one that's based on the 'four in a bed' format from C4 about 4 couples who rate each other's B&Bs. Another bitch fest sometimes, but quite easy to follow.

(Teresa Ewart) #5

Thanks Catharine... I'm ashamed to say my husband Tony found it and is now medium-addicted... he can bitch about canapes and tiara's with the best of them...

(Catharine Higginson) #6

There's a brilliantly funny wedding 'come dine with me' where the winner gets their wedding paid for so it turns into a complete bitch fest. Well worth a watch - can't remember the title but look out for anything with the word marriage in the title and you should find it!