French TNT box

Please, can anyone recommend a French TNT box for using with a s/dish, so that we can get French TV just a plug in and go one if that is possible and where would the best place be to buy it

We previously used a Strong TNT box which worked very well and not too expensive.

Thanks for the reply but we don’t have a antenna just the satellite dish

we bought TNTSAT decoders from Castorama - but all bricolage big shops sell them. Decoder card is included but needs renewing every 3 or 4 years.

Thanks for the reply do you know which one will work with a dish as we don’t have a antenna

You will perhaps have to chat with the salespeople in the stores… they will surely know which works with what… :relaxed:

But it works with a satellite dish…

The ones that work with a dish are usually well defined…just look on tbe box or ask a salesman…then of course it depends which satellite you point your dish towards.


Really TNT (Télévision numérique terrestre) has nothing to do with satellite - the clue being in the last “T” - TNT is just the normal digital telly (no analogue left in France I believe, same as UK). The same channels are, however, available as satellite broadcasts and I note that “TNT par satellite” and Décodeur TNTSAT is a thing which, personally, I think just confuses things.

All new TVs and pretty much any TV manufactured in the last 15 years should support TNT - just plug the antenna in (yes I realise that Lisa does not have a normal TV antenna).

The first thing to know if you have inherited a dish is which satellite it is pointing at - I’m assuming that it was not a Brit so you need (if I have it right, I don’t use the service myself) a Fransat decoder box - several listed here

If you bought from a Brit then the dish might be pointig at the Astra cluster at 28.2oE so yu would have to get the dish realigned to get French channels.

As previously mentioned, which box you will need will depend on which satellite your dish is pointing at. If you are looking for FTA or free French TV I would suggest opting to use your satellite dish aligned to Astra 1 at 19.2E or have your dish satellite dish aligned to Eutelsat 5 at 5W. Although there is French TV on many other satellites such as the Hotbird satellites at 13E. Both Astra 1 and Eutelsat offer far more options and is the most common for users of French satellite TV.
The vast majority of French satellite TV, unlike the UK is encrypted meaning you will require a specialised set top box in order to be able to receive it. I would suggest buying the official box for the package you are trying to receive. Fransat box for Fransat, TNTSat for TNTSat and so on. Easiest way is to google either fransat or tntsat to see which service you prefer.

Another option if you have a good internet connection is to opt for a TV package that way for the French channels and, assuming that you are not too far south, get the disk aimed at 28.2oE and get someone in the UK to send you a Freesat box.

Ah, désolé…
Old age catching up on me. I remember now we had an internal aerial. Many apologies.