French town bans animal circuses after Facebook poll

The attitude towards wild animals in circuses seems to be changing in France as it is changing across Europe and the World.

In the UK a bill was published on 30 April which paves the way for a total ban on wild animals in circuses. This is something I’ve been passionate about for many years.


Good. The sooner wild animals are not carted around in those beastly little cages and peered at and prodded the better.
I saw rather a marvellous circus whose animal stars were the 2 family dogs, their great fat ginger cat, and a tiny Shetland pony, they were wonderful and very obviously enjoying themselves, for the pony and the cat there was overt bribery, the dogs were just in it for praise.


It’s ages since I heard mention of a flea circus. They used to be popular events, I think, and I have actually seen one, but can’t remember where or when. It wasn’t exactly exciting, more a curiosity. Any flea-circus devotees or ring-masters out there? Do they exist in the hexagon? I imagine they might draw a small crowd at a marché aux puces.

There are very few things I don’t like about France but the attitude to animals in general is one of those things. In England circuses with animals have become unacceptable and there are only 1 or 2 that still survive. I hope this becomes the case in France and elsewhere also.


I agree Mandy, and for the record I don’t approve of performing fleas either. They also deserve to live out their fidgety blood-savouring lives au naturel.

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