French travel and accommodation resources

I've just been asked what guide books can I recommend for a family coming on holiday in France this summer, and the only one I could think of was the Michelin Guide, I think I 'm a bit behind the times! There must be some great apps, websites or even print publications these days.

What would you recommend?



Don´t bother with guide books - use Trip Advisor on the internet much more up to date and written by ordinary people not travel journalists

I can only suggest some of the ones I advertise in - all good for accommodation in France:

For Brittany:

For walkers:

For cyclists: or

There's also a very good Miam Mian Dodo guide (book) for the Nantes-Brest canal.

Of course, there's also Tripadvisor, if you know exactly where you want to stay.

There are also (in book form) Maisons d'Hote de Charme. Chambres d'Hotes de Charme and Chateaux et Hotels de France. And don't forget the good old Logis de France . It used to be a very hit and miss affair with Logis de France but a few years back they weeded out the really bad ones and we haven't had any bad experiences with them recently.We once stayed in one where, if you walked from the bed to the door, the wardrobe door creaked open. No sign of a ghost, though. :-)

Among others, I search the new York times travel section online.

Anywhere outside Paris we go for chambres d'hotes. Try which is all about places that have something special to offer. Or paper guides like Hotels et Auberges de Charme, Chambres d'Hotes by Michelin,Chambres et Tables d'Hote by Gites de France. We've stayed in chateaux. former monasteries, a small cottage near Calais, a beautiful house buried in the middle of a forest ... and never been disappointed. As for travel guides, wouldn't go anywhere without our Michelin guide.

Frommer’s and Fodor’s are good general guides although slightly U.S. oriented. Good practical info. Michelin green guides good for serious touring.

I've not used one for yonks but that in the days of the backpack I used to use Lonely Planet guides for Africa, Canada etc. There must be one for France. Very good if you need general knowledge and country maps (as opposed to a specific local area) as long as it's a recent edition.

Any guide that WE are in!! :-) (We're not in Sawday's -- they charge a fortune for inclusion!) is a favourite in France (if your French is up to it!).

Alistair Sawdry's guides - I have a friend in the Corbieres who runs an eco B & B and she is in there: - it's called La Rassada and is lovely -

her FB page is

La Rassada Eco-B&B Languedoc South of France

Yes I like Alistair Sawdays too.

I would recommend a guide book by Alistair Sawday's. They do a number of publications, Great B&B's, Great places to stay, Great Romantic breaks, great family places to stay, etc... each book is printed 2 yearly and a book is produced for each european country. Equally there is a website and it is very popular for the traveller who doesnt want any nasty surprises. All the advertisers have to have to be recommended and have a visit on a regular basis to prove they continue to meet the strick criteria set by Sawday's.

Also there is a walkers guide called Miam miam dodo (not sure of the spelling) that lists places to stay along the Saint Jaques de Compostelle.

For short trips and mini-holidays in France:

This is my travel advice page for the South of France, there is a lot of useful information on the page for France. Not sure if I am allowed to self promote however, so if not please just delete this comment.

I like for obvious reasons :)