French Tv by Ariel/Anntena to disapear?

I could regret asking this question but here goes.
I understand, from an article on the radio news half heard while waking up this morning,that as of tomorrow there will be no TV signal for French Tv if I still am using an antenna.
I have never bothered having a French Decoder, I just occasionally watch French Television straight. I figure we pay the licence anyway so i may as well have the ariel up and watch the news from time to time. Is it going decoder only or have I mis-heard ?

They're upgrading to HD, you just have to check that your TV is HD ready, if it isn't you can buy an adapter.

You don't have to change your ariel.

Mine is HD ready but they tell me I still need a decoder box. Is that right.

Ours is also HD ready and as far as I know we don't need a decoder. Guess we will find out for sure very soon.

you need an HD decoder, my TV for example has a digital tuner built in and is HD ready but does not have the HD tuner so would not be able to decode the HD signal so i would need an aditional box

a decoder can be had for around 20-30 euros. for a basic model.

I would say the easiest way to find out if you have a HD tuner already is to rescan your tv and check for HD channels, such as HD1 and TF1HD Arte HD etc, if you have these then go to the channel and if it displays,you will probably be fine, as they require the HD decoder already to be shown, else you might just not have them displayed or your tv may show a message such as "video format not supported" in this case you will need a new decoder, and a spare HDMI slot on your tv to plug it into (or a socket of another description and an HDMI to whatever it is converter although that won't give you the actual hd output but downscale it to whatever the input supports)

hope this makes sense, if not shout up with what you are strugeling with or send me a pm and ill try and explain it better

Ok update, I have sent OH to the roof and found a signal. Channel 7 Gives me Arte HD in the top LH corner as per the internet pages instructions, so it looks as if Thunderbirds are go!
This is the test you should do;

Il suffit de se connecter sur les chaînes 7 ou 57 et de regarder si un logo HD apparaît à l'écran. Si celui-ci est visible, cela signifie que vous êtes prêt à recevoir la HD de la TNT.

Reminds me of a song by the 'Boss', "57 channels and nothing on...." Just about sums up French and American TV!!

Although checking our TV previously and ensuring it was HD compatible, this morning it said:No signal. A quick (no let's be honest) a steady read of all sections of our manual and via 'settings' I got the TV to scan for channels and got all our normal channels 'back'. A bit frustrated that there was no warning that this would necessary and OH was getting ready to go out an buy the necessary piece of kit! We also needed a pin no which was also buried in the text of the manual (for other Sharp TV users it was 3001 - suspect that is standard). Good luck to all!

I've also re-tuned this morning. All seems good.

Yes I had no signal this morning . I have re-tuned and there is no signal now and no Chanels. Yes, I checked and the Television is compatible. I am in Gers is any one else having no channnels today in dept 32?