French TV channels/programmes with French subtitles

I’m having difficulties finding TV programmes in French (any genre except music) that offer subtitles in French. I have an Orange Livebox and TV decoder.

I watch French/Belgian films and series on Netflix but am looking for other material to improve my grasp of the spoken language delivered at normal pace.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Arte offers a choice of language subtitles as well as VO.
We get ours from satellite, where most French programmes seem to be subtitled for the benefit of the hard of hearing.
Also the same with terrestrial.
Maybe Orange is different, or perhaps you haven’t located the right button on the remote!


Peter, is this of any use ?,Choisir%20les%20sous-titres,Validez%20par%20OK.


Have you been choosing sous-titres “français” on the TV decoder control or “malentendants”?

I just turned ours on, randomly, to TF1 which was showing some travel programme and found sub-titles without difficulty (not that they followed the French dialogue all that well which is mildly annoying).


I watch most of my French TV online. Provision of subtitles is patchy, but France 5 seems to have a lot. And, if you’re just doing it to learn (rather than to relax), there’s a load of stuff on YouTube and much easier to get subtitles with that.


We can get just about any programme with subtitles using the TV menu…the zapper has options for subtitles or oral descriptions.


I get all my TV via the fibre WiFi decoder so the TV zapper only supplies basics like colour tone etc. Can’t locate a button on TV decoder zapper, but maybe I need to explore its menu functions more thoroughly. It’s pretty damn complicated :upside_down_face:

Can’t locate the subtitles menu for channels using the Orange decoder control device. Does anyone use one who can guide my weary thumb-steps?

Whoopee and thanks too all. Your kindly nudges have set me on the right path to subtitle nirvana and I have sorted myself from inactif to actif and have clicked on sous-titres français.

As Stella would say “Yippee!” :hugs::laughing::+1:

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have a look through this resource @Peter_Goble. I recall there was something to press but our Orange TV box and remote went back to Orange ages ago…

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À véritable Jacob’s Ladder of buttons to press!

Beam me up! :thinking::space_invader::boom:

On ours you press “OK” (on the Orange TV box remote) when watching a channel to get the sub-titles menu, then choose français or malentendants - the latter often more successful.

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There might be a setting ‘pour malentendants’ which would give you subtitles.
Ah, just seen I am a train late :grin:

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As the carriage trundled round the bend, hanging from the corridor window I could still see you on the platform, waving your scarf. :grinning:

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Speak up, dear!


I watched two programmes on tv3 last evening: the first was around the hunting/scavenging activities of an elderly gent who gallumphed around the rocky shallows of the Normandy coast wearing what looked like a single-breasted business suit, socks and sensible shoes, often submerging himself in the seawater to emerge, dripping wet with his serge trousers and jacket clinging to his frame, with a crab, arraignée or homard in his bare hand.

His French was rather moist but intelligible, if breathless.

The sight of his socks and shoes thrashing the surface while the rest of him was submerged was quite remarkable.

The next was the exploits of a young female vegan eco-warrior in the sticks who saves various creatures from the hunt, and fights a dangerous running battle with the local chasse. She spoke a young excitable argot that defeated my understanding even with subtitles, but her adventures running a large animal rescue venture and a huge cloture - often violated by the chasseurs, was inspiring, especially as she took her three-year old toddler with her as an extra vigilante. I could understand him, even with his dummy in :hugs:

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That must have been encouraging!

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She was:

Maman: “C’est ma clôture”.
Bébé : “Couture”.
Maman: “Clôture”. :revolving_hearts: