French TV HD Box

I have recently had to replace my TNT box with a new HD version but can't get it to work. The picture came once and then it disappeared after ten seconds. Do I have to contact TNT? What am I doing wrong? We get the picture via satellite. Hoping someone can offer advice. Thanks in anticipation!

Thanks, Shirley for your help. I did manage to get a local French guy to help and it looks like my TNT box and satellite don't match so I either have to exchange the box or re-position the dish.

Thanks again


I had a leaflet left in my letter box last week saying TNT was changing. I watch French tv through a rooftop aerial and UK through my sat dish and Humax box. I recall something about having to retune French channels 7 and or 57.

It’s all finally happening 5th April. And leaflet says (in French) for more information Or téléphone 0970 818 818. Calls are non surtaxé

If tv Is compatible with TNT HD

  1. Go to home or menu on the zapper!
  2. Sélect installation/réglage/recherche - then choose Which option you want

There are more instructions after that dépending on your option choice but hope I’ve helped a bit!

Can anyone please help. I've lost my French TV recently due to the changes to Mpeg4 HD. My TV receives British TV via FreeSat and all channels can be watched. French TV is via Antenna TNT. I've lost all channels. Do I need a new HD set top box to get the channels? I don't think my Philips TV is H D but us not that old and cost a bomb. As I said I can watch BBC 1 HD via a set top box. Thanks for any help.

Simple answer - Yes, Get a TNT HD box

Longer answer - Many TV's that have been sold as HD ready did not have the required HD tuner, just a tuner for the standard definition channels, as france have moved to broadcasting all chanels in the MPEG-4 standard older digital tuners may not be compatible, a set top box should sort it out, check the back of your tv for an HDMI slot, if you have one of these then adding the required TNT HD equipment should be as simple as unplugging the CO-AX ariel cable, putting it in the box, connecting the hdmi instead and plugging it in. if you need any more help then give me a shout