French TV Listings?

(Teresa Ewart) #1

We’re up and running with French and English TV… Expensive but worth it we think… Can anyone recommend a good website for French TV listings? i just want to know what’s on today! i’m finding it great for my french - watching the tennis means i’ve added oh, at least ten words to my vocab!

x teresa

La Maison Verdigris

(Ian SMITH) #2

OK. And you have no ongoing monthly fees, which is brilliant. Watching UK telly for the first time in years we find the ads pretty irritating. Still, there are ways round that.

(Teresa Ewart) #3

sorry - didn’t explain that… it was the installaion that was the expense… a big sat dish, high on a barn in the middle of nowhere picking up both french and english satellites and sending the signals to three rooms in the house - the actual telly is FREE! - the dish and stuff caused the expense but as i say - it WAS worth it!

(Ian SMITH) #4

Why expensive? Just curious. We have Frenc TV via ADSL with the internet sub, and now since a week or two UK TV free via a satellite dish at 80 euros and a free decoder from a friend. No sub.

(neil whitehead) #5

Here’s another one -

(Teresa Ewart) #6

andrew - you’re an angel, thanks so much - no we haven’t found a listings site so far! GREAT… we have however been watching lots of french TV… especially sports programmes like rugby and cycling where we find the context helps…
teresa x

(Andrew Hearne) #7

Hi Teresa

I’m sure you’ve found a listings site by now, if not this is the one we use

and from a languages teacher, any exposure to the language is good, especially tv as it’s backed up by images which help the brain work out what it’s hearing

Bonne chance !

(Teresa Ewart) #8

Ha! brilliant… ! I’m watching films i know IN FRENCH while ironing… lord of the rings, independence day, king kong. it’s dubbed, obviously, but great, great for the sentence structure and vocab… plus, i love watching old-ish movies and this way i can pretend to be learning at least… (oh, and i never seem to iron anything of mine?)

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #9

Sorry can’t help on the listings, but for learning French, I watch episodes of Brothers & Sisters in French and I’ve also watched Desperate Housewives and Friends - typically whilst ironing, I find as I already know the storyline it allows me to concentrate on the vocab. Not everyone’s ideal method of learning but for me it works and passes time whilst doing a boring job.