French TV

We keep being told to watch more French TV to improve our French language skills but what is the best French TV to watch? We watch France3's 19/20 news (mainly because my husband fancies the news reader) but what is your best French TV show and why should we watch it? (Family make up 2 adults one 12 yr old girl).


Hi Janet,

I find Arte, ( a French/German) channel is possibly the best that French television has to offer the rest are just full of assorted American soap opera rubbish , I like Arte and RMC ( don't know if you get that included in TNT package) for the documentaries and science programmes. BMFTV for news but if your looking for comedy OMG! French comedy is dreadful!

You could probably make a case for it - we've been thinking of doing the same - we haven't watched french tv since the olympics. Have to say their coverage of the opening ceremony was, in our opinion, better (compared with some of the UK clips we've since seen on youtube).

It's just a case of working out how to phrase the letter - I mean - how can you say it politely?

We gave up as the telly is so bad.

Frankly, I want my 132 euros back.

We watched him briefly and couldn't cope - part of the charm is the voice!

I also do think it's a shame for french schoolchildren and college students as it would be a great way for them not only to expand their vocab but also hear a variety of accents - be it British or American English.

Still, apparently dubbing is big business in France.....

We've not dared watch the dubbed Poirot - as he speaks with a Belgian french accent but in English with the occasional french phrase how do they get round that?

Thanks for the replies. We will stick at it and watch whatever comes along. Thanks for the advice. I agree with the dubbing and so does my daughter, she is not impressed with the French Bart Simpson at all!!

If you have satellite, you will be able to watch Euronews and can choose which language you hear. Useful, because you will already have an idea of the subject of the main headlines.

There are lots of movies on Arte, where there is a choice of language and subtitles. With some American films, I find the French subtitles more intelligible that English soundtrack - "Brokeback Mountain" being a memorable example!

French Quiz shows are good. Well not good they're actually awful but it gets you used to making quick decisions on snatches of French.

we watch only French basic TV because I still cannot get it together to sort out how to get anything else.

Anyway it is good for my Husband French. as often as possible we put the subtitles on (french, not every channels nor every programs got them).

At the moment Jackson Brodie (in French), Elementary (actually I found the voices better in French than in English) Contes du XIX siecle (Ch 5) There are some good detective French stuff, but nothing funny except for 'Scenes de menage' (ch 6) 'Nos chers voisins' (TF1) very short but very funny.

We did love watching "un diner presque parfait" (french version of come dine with me) but had to stop because it made us hungry for what they were eating and desperate for an aperitif! Fun tho' - and good because you're watching people having conversations.

I'd agree on anything and everything except - if you like(d) Midsomer Murders don't watch Inspecteur Barnaby as hearing someone else's voice coming out of John Nettles' mouth is just bizarre!

I'm really into "Braquo" at the moment... Police drama series..... possibly not suitable for family viewing though!

Otherwise, for language purposes, just try to watch anything and everything. If you have internet through a box you should be able to turn on French subtitles. It is very useful to have this feature, because you can note down new vocabulary.