French tv

Can anyone give me some advice on the best French tv shows to watch? I hate game shows & dubbed shows! Cooking, sport, soaps etc all good!



Thanks Andrew, love rugby & motor sport so it looks as though I will be a happy chap!

C dans l'air is good and punchy. for documentaries try Envoyé spéciale France 2 (Thursdays at 20h35) and Capital on M6 (Sundays 20h30 ish). Sport - local France 3 and France 2 have a lot of rugby on in the SW. Football tends to be prime time TF1 or France 2 for important games. Tour de France on France 2 and 3 - brilliant cover if you're a fan like me. Auto moto TF1 and Turbo M6, both sunday morning as is a football round up inbetween on TF1, Rugby round up at 8h05 sunday morning on France 2. Not really in to soaps etc - have two young kids so by the time they're finally in bed it's usually time for us to go to bed (OH is French so kids don't go to bed until 20h30 or 21h00 at the earliest :-O

Thanks Nick.

For topical debate you can try "C'est Dans l'Air" between 5pm and 6pm on channel 5 each evening - the presenter Yves Calvi generally keeps good order so you can hear the points being made.