French Weather....More info regarding the diverse winds

Hi all,

Really, this is a follow up to Paul Lewis' Weather in the Charentes' discussion (and I was going to tack this onto the end of that, but I thought it may get lost).....

Found this via a link attched to Christian Mauve's Homehunter's interesting and detailed, take a look..

No problem, same to you...


Ni avec ceux du village d'à côté. Je sais. C'est le charme de la France profonde....;-)

Aucun problème là dessus, Christian, j'en suis bien au courant, mais quand on est tellement enraciné dans une région, famille, boulot etc. on ne se mélange toujours pas avec ceux du Languedoc :-O ;-)

Good comment Andrew. See the map with the old provinces AND the more familiar departements Here

By the way Midi-Pyrénées does not exist any more. Since January it is Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées....

See the new regions Here

Thanks for the kind appreciation Hilary. Have a great weekend.

not bad but it would be far better and less misleading when talking about the autan if he used modern geographical names, not many are familiar with the old Languedoc and Guyenne and may mistake it for being the wrong side of the hills when talking about the Languedoc, it's in the Midi-Pyrénées that it blows ;-)