French websites


We live in a pretty isolated location so I was wondering whether you could recommend any french websites where we can rent DVDs (like lovefilm in the UK) and buy pictures (like allposters in the UK)? Also, what's the equivalent of gumtree here?

thanks, Jemima

Has anyone used the Hollystar or Vidéofutur websites?

Ze Boss!


who's James?!

Get cheaper satellite! See James's post on the subject!

Hi, needs to be physical DVDs as we only have satellite internet so it's quite expensive..

They are far too good to go to the tip,but we want the space.
We only used them when the house was our holiday home. They are hotel standard.

It can take ages but the minute you think, "Right, that's it, they are going to the tip" and then take them there, you'll get a call 24 hours later!

Hi Imthink we need to replace the ad. We have been very busy with other things and it has slipped down our list.s

hi Jane

incidentally i put an ad on le bon coin for 2 single divans which i was thinking about taking to the tip - but they were in good condition and it seemed a shame to destroy them so put a photo on and i think its was 40 euro each and for weeks had nothing then all of a sudden one day a lady rang and arrived with a trailer and took them no probs !

i was surprised but pleased that i kept the ad on - maybe renewed it to keep it up in the page ranks.

currently have an old cooker on BC for sale and had a few bites but again will be patient and see.


Steve, everything is overpriced pretty much, but when we wanted to sell some very good quality beds for a very fair price, no luck!

be careful with bon coin as a lot of 2nd hand stuff is so overpriced !

Hi Jemima,

Do you want to rent physical DVD's, or just stream movies (if your internet connection is good enough)?

Gumtree = le bon coin in France ( You'll find a ton of stuff on there, organised by region.