French Wills

We need clear direction on french will structure allowing 1st survivor to
a) remain in house
b) have right to sell house (and potentially buy another with proceeds)
c) All children of previous marriages of both parties to inherit proportionally on death of 2nd survivor (inc those of 1st deceased)
I have researched this pretty comprehensively including previous posts but cannot determine whether and how this can be achieved under french law. Surely some people out there have had the same situation and can kindly help?

We do have a meeting with a french Notaire next week so would love to have a clear solution to save time and avoid more confusion. At the moment its like assembing furniture without the instruction book! I seem to have loads of parts but they don’t seem to fit together to achieve objectives above maybe because a key part is missing? (So far I’ve got en division/ en tontine/donation au dernier vivant/usafruit /usaproprietaire etc)

Hi Roy

Personally, I advise you to explain your needs to the Notaire and ask him how it can be turned into a legal Will. We have UK Wills, which leave our stuff where we choose, but French Inheritance Tax cannot be avoided.

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