Frenchman lays explosive traps around his house

Gracious… very mysterious chap… wonder if there are any bodies buried there indoors or in the grounds…

Perhaps the gunshots are simply The Bodyguard playing with his toys… :wink:

Have they heard anyone singing… ???

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Love that film. Great songs. So sad that she is no longer with us, what a waste.

I have , or maybe had (haven’t heard from him for years so don’t know if he’s alive) an eccentric Welsh uncle who bought a house halfway up a Welsh mountain somewhere. He boobytrapped the inside with a crossbow. Six months later he visited the house and found a sheep impaled against the door which had somehow got in the house. We never heard from him from one year to the next and he was always telling us about these ingenious antiburglar devices so I wondered if he’d managed to impale/hang/shoot/guillotine himself …
But, as far as I know, he never had burglars.!

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Now that deserves a psychiatric examination!